Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hellmann's? Where Did It Go?

Are you looking for the Hellmann's review post? It's over here now! Sorry for the mix-up!


Kayla @ Petersons On The Go said...

Hi Swistle, I have a few questions about beginning a review blog - could you help me out? How did you start the review blog? I'm under the impression that companies prefer to know a blogs readership before offering to pay for sponsored posts. Do your readers from the other blog come to this one? How did you get in contact with the companies?

my email is musicspreadsjoy (at) gmail (dot) com if you want to email me the answer, or you can answer here or my blog. Thanks in advance!

Swistle said...

Hi, Kayla! I've done most of my reviews through BlogHer: the sponsors contact BlogHer, and then they and the sponsors together choose reviewers from the BlogHer reviewers. BlogHer has forms the reviewers fill out, listing their readerships.

I've also done a few through sponsors who contacted me; they've sometimes asked for readership information, and sometimes not. Those are rarely paid except for the sample of the product.

I know some readers come here from my other blog and some don't, but I can't tell what proportions.