Monday, March 15, 2010

Winner! (Hannah Brown's Apothecary)

The winner of the Hannah Brown's Apothecary giveaway is Randonn! Email me (swistle at gmailDOTcom), Randonn!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Etsy Love: Hannah Brown's Apothecary (With a Giveaway!)

Hannah Brown's Apothecary sent me three kinds of soap to try: Man Soap (Not Just For Men!), Juicy Grapefruit, and So Fresh & So Clean.

Paul tried the Man Soap first, and he liked it a lot. He said it smelled nice and strong while he was using it but that he didn't feel like he smelled too strongly of it after rinsing. I gave him the sniff test and confirmed that although he had a pleasant faint soapy smell but not Too Strong (he doesn't like to be scented). He said it lathered great and "didn't seem like girl soap."

I tried it next, and I liked it because it reminded me of some of my unisex perfumes: a very pleasant smell, not floral and girly but also not like Men's Cologne. It's described as a "warm and spicy" scent and that's right on. Paul said it also smelled to him like pine.

So Fresh & So Clean is described as "tea tree, rosemary, hint of grapefruit." It is NICE. And they sent me an extra bar to put in a future care package!

Juicy Grapefruit makes me thirsty, which is the test of a good grapefruit scent.

All three were great, and I am usually very particular about scents: it's common for me to like about 1 in 20, so liking all three makes me feel like I could order anything from the shop and be pretty sure of liking it.

Here are some photos I snitched from the shop:

Hannah Brown's Apothecary will give away one bar of soap of the winner's choice: leave a comment on this post saying which bar you think you might like to try, either from this post or from the shop (you can change your mind if you win), and I'll choose a winner on Monday, March 15th.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Winner! (Digiorno)

The winner of the DiGiorno Sweepstakes is Sagessa! Yay! I'm emailing you right now!