Monday, December 14, 2009

Etsy Love: Mel's Bells Cloche Hats

Mel's Bells Cloche Hats sells...oh, you already know? That's right: cloche hats. I will make copies of some of her photos so you can see them. (The mannequin, I know: she reminds me of The Other Mother in Coraline, too---but she really does make it easier to see what the hats look like.)

Baby hats too!

Mel's Bells on Etsy---go see!


sagessa said...

OMG! squee! These are precious... I am totally bookmarking her store for something to do with any Christmas money I get.

Bronwyn said...

Oh, yes. Going to heart this shop, for sure. When mom goes through chemo again, I want her to have a purty cap.

Marie Green said...

This is EXACTLY the kind of stuff I want to learn to make someday. Which is why I'm learning to knit.