Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsy Love: WirlyGrrl

Do you remember awhile back when the artist Rachael Rossman did a giveaway? She gave away one of her custom name paintings, remember, and Erin won for her son Colin, and you can see Colin's painting here. Oh, it was such a fun giveaway! *drifts into reverie*

This time Rachael Rossman did a painting for ME:

RIGHT??? Let's take a few closer looks:

  • S: Computer mouse! Because I am on the computer!
  • T: Stack of muffins!
  • L: Spatula for removing brownies from pan!
  • E: My boyfriend Target's symbol!

These paintings are so inexpensive ($5 per letter with a $20 minimum) and would be SO PERFECT as kid gifts, especially if you're thinking, "Oh, dude, I CANNOT bring any more TOYS into this HOUSE."

Wouldn't one of these also be amazing as a new-baby gift??? AAAAAAAAA!! And if you have parents who are super hard to buy for, you could have their surname done.

You'll want to order really soon, since it's custom work and there are only five (5) weeks until Christmas and she is only one (1) person.

WirlyGrrl on Etsy---go see!

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Fran said...

That's adorable. I love the idea for a baby gift too. Did you give her any ideas or does she think it up on her own? The Target "e" for you is perfection!!

Misty said...

I literally screamed (silently, as am at work) OH MY GOD IT'S GOT A SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is AWESOME. Completely awesome. Did I mention it's awesome? Because it's awesome.


Anonymous said...

Never was there a more perfect name sign. Wow.

velocibadgergirl said...

zomg, totally want one for my impending baby's room!

Anonymous said...

SOO cute!
d e v a n

Swistle said...

Fran- It was TOTALLY ALL her own ideas! I just about died of love when I saw it.

Becky said...

That is AWESOME. And I want one for my baby's room. Unfortunately he is as of yet unnamed. I may be writing to your OTHER awesome blog soon if we can't figure something out.

An October Wife said...

I shall have to add her to my favorite shops. How cute would that be with a family last name and then family pictures scattered around it on a wall? Squee worthy I do believe!

Jana said...

I think you've solved my annual "What in the heck do I get my in-laws for Christmas?" dilemma. They have an entire wall with a photo family tree and per October Wife's suggestion, one of these would go perfectly!

Susan said...


WirlyGrrl said...

There's still time to order for Christmas, too! :)

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

Wow, that is AMAZING! I love this sort of stuff. I love that the "S" not only has the Swistle skirt, but it's also sort of Swistle blue! :-D

I love October Wife's idea of having a family surname with family photos around it on a wall -- that sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is CUTE.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That is totally perfect.