Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winner! (SugarChills)

The winner of the Etsy Love: SugarChills contest is Bunnyslippers!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsy Love: WirlyGrrl

Do you remember awhile back when the artist Rachael Rossman did a giveaway? She gave away one of her custom name paintings, remember, and Erin won for her son Colin, and you can see Colin's painting here. Oh, it was such a fun giveaway! *drifts into reverie*

This time Rachael Rossman did a painting for ME:

RIGHT??? Let's take a few closer looks:

  • S: Computer mouse! Because I am on the computer!
  • T: Stack of muffins!
  • L: Spatula for removing brownies from pan!
  • E: My boyfriend Target's symbol!

These paintings are so inexpensive ($5 per letter with a $20 minimum) and would be SO PERFECT as kid gifts, especially if you're thinking, "Oh, dude, I CANNOT bring any more TOYS into this HOUSE."

Wouldn't one of these also be amazing as a new-baby gift??? AAAAAAAAA!! And if you have parents who are super hard to buy for, you could have their surname done.

You'll want to order really soon, since it's custom work and there are only five (5) weeks until Christmas and she is only one (1) person.

WirlyGrrl on Etsy---go see!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Etsy Love: SugarChills (With a Giveaway)

SugarChills is an Etsy shop that sells all-natural body care stuff for your hair, face, skin, and feeties. Laura says you can safely EAT the products if you're so inclined.

She sent me a 3-sample Gift Package and also a full-sized Skin Sludge to try. The Gift Package came in a very pretty bag with ribbon, and if you're a container junkie like me you'll be interested to know that you end up with LITTLE TINY WEE screw-top containers OMG TEH SWEET! I'll steal a photo off SugarChills site so you can see:

See? Wee containers! They each hold a TEASPOON! Adorable!

She sent me samples of Hair Goop #1 (nourishing yogurt hair mask), Face Slime #1 (smoothing cocoa face mask), and Face Slime #4 (balancing almond face mask). Hair Goop #1 gets mixed with a couple of tablespoons of yogurt, and it is so fun to use. I am sorry, but "so fun" is going to be repeated so often you will wish I had an editor. But it WAS fun! I mixed it in a little dish and brought it into the shower with me, and there I was putting YOGURT in my HAIR! Furthermore, I felt like I made a magic potion when I stirred the little (wee container!) of powder in there.

I used Face Slime #1 when I had to clean the bathroom, which I like to do before I take a shower. So I put the mask on my face and let it work while I cleaned, then rinsed it off when I showered. It smells so yummy, like chocolate-mint brownie batter. It looks like brownie batter, too, so you perhaps won't want anyone to see you like that. I rinsed it off and my face felt GREAT. (Also, I got a tiny bit on my lips and it tasted yum.)

Face Slime #4 is like putting a delicious breakfast on your face: while Face Slime #1 is smooth and a little sticky, Face Slime #4 is like ground up oatmeal with almonds and cinnamon. I rubbed it on and let it sit, and then rubbed it around again (for exfoliation) before rinsing. Then I went and had breakfast because the smell made me hungry.

There are a variety of Gift Packages to choose from, and they would indeed make terrific gifts---I would want any one of them. I think what I might do is tell Laura the skin/hair type of the recipient and let her choose the best samples---well, or it might be too fun to do the choosing myself, I'm not sure.

My Skin Sludge was the Cappuccino Body Scrub, made with actual coffee and sugar and milk. It's a powder and you mix it with a little water. I used as much as I wanted in the shower and I still had tons left in the container. (Also, and this is not something I set out to review, but I managed to drop the container in the shower FOUR TIMES and the container did not break or pop open.) I'll snitch another photo from Laura:

This is what it would have looked like if it had broken/spilled when I dropped it. But it didn't.

I thought it was a lot of fun to use (coffee grounds! exfoliating my skin!) AND it really worked AND my skin and bathroom have the very faint scent of coffee shop. I used it even on my face (oooooo, smoooooooth), and when I got a teeny bit of it in my mouth by accident AS PER USUAL, it was so refreshing to NOT feel like I needed to rinse and hack and spit to get the taste/chemicals out.

Because you are very, very lucky, Laura is going to let one of you try a Face Slime of your choosing. To enter, leave a comment on this post saying what you'd most like to try, or what you'd like to give to someone else. We'll select a random winner in a week, on Wednesday the 25th.

SugarChills on Etsy! Go see!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Winner! (Philips Sonicare)

The winner of the Philips Sonicare For Kids $100 Visa gift card is Snarky Lady! Yay, Snarky Lady!