Monday, October 12, 2009

Marshalls $25 Shopping Trip

Marshalls sent me a $25 gift card to spend however I wanted and then post what I bought. Mwah, Marshalls! We can do this whenever you want, Marshalls!

Do you remember long, long ago, when I was wondering if I should have bought this handbag? I'm so glad I didn't, because here is what I used my gift card to buy:

Do you LOVVVVVVVE them?? I love them. The purse was $19.99 and the wallet was $9.99. I've been licking admiring them ever since I bought them.

I also found two bras, the $32.00 store price tags still on them, for $5.99 each. I think I won't post a photo of those.

Marshalls is the kind of store where sometimes I go and I find nothing I would ever be interested in owning, and the combination of "picked-over miscellany" inventory and "popular music from my high school years playing over the loudspeakers in such a context" gives the store a "shopping at the department store of depression" feel.

And other times I go and I find tons! of! awesome! stuff! Like super-cute Carter's baby clothes. And pretty dishes. And cloth napkins. And stationery. And a purse, when I thought I'd never find a purse I could commit to. And bras!

I'm not saying she's smarter than you...but in a way, she is smarter than you. In that one way.


Nowheymama said...

I've mentioned this before on your regular blog, but sometimes Marshalls carries Guylian Belgian dark chocolates, which are very good and dairy free. *Why* does Marshalls do this? I have no idea.

Swistle said...

They also sometimes have this cherry jam from SWITZERLAND of all places, and it is the best cherry jam I've ever had. WHY IS IT THERE?? I don't know. I just buy it when I see it.

Susan said...

I still remember that other purse, and looking at it again, I still love it -- and want it! But ... this one from Marshalls is great too.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is no Marshalls close to me. There is TJ Maxx and Homegoods, but no Marshalls. Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

My dad once went to Marshall's, bought this long cranberry colored sweater, wrapped it in a garbage bag, and gave it to me on Christmas morning. I still love it.

waitingforcider said...

I also totally dig Marshalls, and have a similar 'find nothing/buy everything" relationship with them. I also *LOVE* that the original tags are left on-- even though I know they do it just so I can say 'I bought this coat for $39.99, but LOOKEE- there is a tag from a very high end store that says $299.99! WEE!' Hah- not even rich people would spend that much for that coat, so of course it ends up at Marshalls!