Sunday, September 27, 2009

Compensated BlogHer Ad Reviews: What I Get

Oh, hello! This is the first time I've done compensated reviews, and many (I hope) of the compensated reviews I do will be BlogHer Ad reviews, and so I thought I'd tell those of you unfamiliar with the BlogHer Ad review process (like me, as of five minutes ago) how this works. This is generally referred to as "disclosure," and is intended as a way for the reader to know what the reviewer's STAKE in this is. Nobody wants to read a review by someone who, for example, works for the company, or by someone who sells the product, or by someone who is dating the inventor, or by someone who is being paid to talk up the product. So here's what my set-up is:

The advertiser will send me a product, for free, which I will get to keep (I don't know why they don't want their used toothbrushes and lipsticks back, but WHATEVS). I will review the product however I want, saying whatever I want: I can say it's terrible, I can tell you to boycott the whole brand, I can tell you it is the second coming of Albert Einstein---whatever. My plan is to go with the truth, first of all because that is the quickest and I have a lot of seasons of One Tree Hill to catch up on, and secondly because if I say something is awesome and you buy it and think it sucks, you will be slanting your eyes at me and my free product, and I will get all nervous and queasy.

Where was I? Oh, yes: so I will post my review and go back to watching One Tree Hill, and whether my review is positive or negative, BlogHer will send me a little checky-poo in exchange for the writing work. BlogHer will also get to deal with the phone calls from the advertiser who would like to know why I referred to their product as "a scourge upon this world and the next" and included a sketch of their product stoking the fires of the damned.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Blog

Wish I'd started this when they were reviewing the premium M&Ms.